Achievement, if any, in any of the Olympiads (Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology etc.), N.T.S.E etc


6 Students appeared for National Talent Search Examination(NTSE) in the year 2006-07.

8 Students are appearing for National Talent Search Examination(NTSE) in the year 2007-08.

6 Students appeared in National Talent Search Examination(NTSE) in the year 2008-09.




Science Exhibition at School Level was conducted on 3rd September2008 at KV Mandapam. About 15 exhibits from VII to XI classes were exhibited and the best 07 exhibits were selected for Regional Level Science Exhibition. The Regional Level science Exhibition was held at KV No.1 Madurai on 8th and 9th September 2008.




The Social Science Exhibition 2008 was held at KV Islandgrounds,Chennai on 26th and 27th of August2008. 3students of KV Mandapam participated in Quiz and Drawing Competition Master S.K.Prabhu and Master .Pawan Bhalothia participated at Regional level Quiz Competition and Kum.Vikita Mishra of class VIIparticipated in Drawing Competition.Master S.K. Prabhu of XII Std, got selected for National Level Quiz competition which was held at KV No1,Kolaba,Mumbai.



K.V.P.Y./ N.T.S.E./ Olympiads/ National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship scheme/ Incentives to Girls for Secondary Education Scheme etc. ( To be displayed separately for each scheme/ exam.


I. Indian Science Olympiad (Second Level)


Name of participant


Rank in Region/ State level

Rank in National/ KVS level

Remarks (Mention the award/ prize won, if any)


RoshanAntony Gomez






Manish Indel







Arise,awake stop not, till the goal is reached.

Achievements :-

Four Students of our Vidyalaya got selected in the Regional and participated in the National in 2006-07 at Pune.

Jawahar Youth Club of Mandapam Camp conducted various competition for school children and our school children participated and won the overall championship.

Master Derek Prince participated in the KVS National meet held at New Delhi and won a gold medal in 4x 100mt relay for the year 2004-05. Master Ranjith Kumar participated Long Jump & High Jump in the Regional level Atheletic Meet held at Chennai  for the year 2004-05.

Miss Chandralekha of X std by securing 95% in Hindi was placed in the top 1% slot of the Board. She was awarded a merit certificate by CBSE for the year 2003-04.

Master Tanmoy Mandol  of X STD  has been passed the preliminary Exam for National Talent Search Scholarship exam  and has qualified  for the final exam. for the year 2003-04.

The school scored  100% resulted  in CBSE Exam held in March 2003.

Master PremKumar & Master S.K.Prabhu of the class X  secured 98% in Social Studies-All India III Rank.

This Vidyalaya achieved 100% result in March 2008 Board Examination.

 Achievement by Students during the year 2008 - 09

66 Children appeared in the first round of National Science Olympiad and 10 were selected for the second round.

Kum. Smruti Yogamaya Samantaray of this Vidyalaya qualified for District, State and National level Spelling Bee competition organized by MaRRS International Service Pvt. Ltd. She qualified for International level competition which was held at Vibgyor High, Mumbai on the 16th and 17th of August 2008.

This Vidyalaya was First in Quiz Competition in Regional Social Science Exhibition.Master.S.K.Prabu,classXII, and Master.Pawan Bhalothia ,class IX, represented this Vidyalaya in this competition in the Cluster level Social Science Exhibition held at KV No.1,Tiruchi. Master.S.K.Prabhu,participated in the same event in the Regional level Social Science Exhibition held at KV Islandgrounds. He was selected for the National levael Quiz Competition held in Kolaba,Mumbai .

Kum.Vikita Mishra, class VII, secured Second position in Drawing Competition in the Cluster level Social Science Exhibition held at KV No.1, Tiruchi.


Sports Achievements :
2002-03 :  

During this year, in the interschool competition conducted by coast guard station Mandapam , our students excelled in cycling, Art and quiz competition and won the over all championship trophy. Kumari Veda participated in South Indian Open Karate Tournament for girls under 12 years and won the championship. In sports Kumari  Vinoda competing with girls of XI and XII std got gold medals in 1500 mts , 3000 mts and 5000 mts race and got over all championship in sub regional Athletic meet held at Madurai. Master Pakiaraj after scintillating performances in shot- put and 4x 100 mts relay in sub regional and regional meet got silver medals for age group under 14.

2003-04 :  

Master Pakiaraj got Third in shot put

2004-05 :  

In this Year,Master Derek Prince selected for KVS National and he won the Gold Medals in 4x100 Meters Relay.

2005-06 :  

Master Derek Prince & Ranjith Kumar class of IX and Batcha Marikayar class VII were participated in the KVS Regional Meet Athletics which is held at KV IIT Chennai.

Regional Kho-Kho boys winners held at K.V. Karaikudi sep 2005 and Master Derek prince,Master patcha Marikayar, Master Wasim Akram, Master Ranjith Kumar are selected for KVS National Kho-Kho tournament held at chandichar Region

2006-07 :  

Master Derek prince,Master Aditya Kumar Tomar, Master Wasim Akram, Master Ranjith Kumar were participated in KVS National meet held Mumbai Region at Puna

2007-08 :  

Master ChandraBhushan of class VIII participated in the KVS National Athletic Meet held at Bhopal and bagged the IV place in 100 Mts,200 Mts and 400 Mts.

2008-09 :  

This Vidyalaya was Runner up in cricket Boys under sixteen in Cluster level competition held at Karaikudi.

Three boys were selected for the Regional level participation in cricket.

One student,Master .Jangu Thapa,class VII, was selected for the Nationals cricket under 16 held at Gwalior.

In Athletics Master.Jangu Thapa won Gold Medal in shot put for boys under fourteen at the Regional level.

This Vidyalaya took part in the follwing games and sports at the Regional level.
- Badminton,cricket,kho-kho and athletics.

In kho-kho,Master .M.Dinesh,class VIII, got selection and participated at the Nationals held in Hyderabad.

Three girls and four boys participated in the TSPL Camp conducted at KV Karaikudi.

Master.Diwakar,class XI and Miss.M.Smithra Devi,class X attended the Pre Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp coducted in KV,Vijayanarayanam.

Master.M.Diwakar got selection and he participated in the Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp held in Gwalior.






                                  CLASS XII


                                  No of Students Appeared :06

                                                     Passed   : 06

                                                    Pass %   : 100%

                                  CLASS X


                                  No of Students Appeared :20

                                                     Passed   : 19

                                                    Pass %   : 95%





  Milan Kumar Thakur
School Topper -87.40%
S.Ranjth Kumar
School Second-84.00%


School Third -70.60%



School Fourth -71.1%



School Fifth-68.20




CLASS X 2009


  Sagar Dev Barman
School Topper -84.60%
School Second-82.00%


School Third -77.20%


Mohamed Faiz

School Fourth -77.00%


  S.Noorul Yasmeen

School Fifth-74.00%



Toppers in CLASS XII


Subject Wise Name of the Student Percentage
English S.Ranjith Kumar 87%
Maths Milan Kumar Thakur 95%
Physics Milan Kumar Thakur 95%
Chemistry Milan Kumar Thakur 92%
Computer Science S.Ranjith Kumar 89%


Toppers in CLASS X


Subject Wise Name of the Student Percentage
English V.Bhuvanapriya 87%
Hindi G.Hinduja 94%
Maths G.Hinduja 94%
Science Sagar Dev Barman 83%
Social Studies Mohamed Faiz




Toppers IN AISSCE 2009


AISSCE Name of the student Percentage
First Mas.Milan Kumar Thakur 87.40%
Second Mas.S.Ranjith Kumar 84.00%
Third Mas.S.K.Prabhu 70.60%
Fourth S.Ramasubramanian 69.90%
Fifth Mas.M.S.Alfayaz


Toppers IN AISSE 2009


AISSE Name of the student Percentage
FIRST Mas.Sagar Dev Barman 84.60%
SECOND Kum.V.Bhuvanapriya 82.00%
THIRD Kum.G.Hinduja 77.20%
FOURTH S.Noorul Yasmeen 74.00

Mas.Mohamed Faiz



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